Every work I begin teaches me something new, I become a partner with it, molding and forming abstract lines and shapes found and conjured from my past. I find that the materials will always show you what they want to become, I predict additions to shapes and flow with the materials over an extension of time. Exploring the boundaries of a large-scale canvas, I expand my freedom and express myself without intimidation. I enjoy the fact that a painting, process work or print can change many times. Creation for me is this intuitive flow that guides and teaches and challenges me to explore, it takes me on this wild ride of emotion love, hate, excitement, wonder. Challenging me and sometimes I win!

Something greater has allowed itself to seep out of a mental structure and reflect its self in my work. I claim it’s the combination of my experiences in the past, in addition with a fascination that transforms into a layered graphic or totally deconstructed play on beauty. It is jagged, emotional, simplistic, explorations enriched with muted warm and bold colors leading the eye corner to corner.

I take strong influence and look for answers from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s due to many moments of ground breaking experimentation in the abstract field. The artist did what they could with materials and there surroundings. With a strong sense of connection to their exploration methods, there is always that new element which I myself am out to find. Calming my mind this innate dialogue begins forming a path into the next sequence or stage of my work. Multitasking, a large-scale canvas waits to have a conversation with me as I focus on a smaller one. Moving from one workspace to the next refreshes producing concepts that cannot repeat. Deconstruct, catch then release.

When all is said and done, I invite the viewer not to look at my work as a whole complete painting but, to be a part the exploration of my layers or shapes and what emotions they might discover within themselves-what makes them connect. I send an invitation to awaken senses and provoke thoughts that have been on hold. Allowing the past to arise through my expression and form.


Ayn Kraven