Using unconventional hardware – a blow torch, iron and other heated tools, along with paper, photography, resin and natural materials – Andrea employs mixed media with deft skill and innovation. Her uncommon painting techniques yield to a vision that is intense, mysterious and ethereal.

Her artwork embodies that vision particularly in her underwater series, and those that depict subjects of wild horses and aspens.”

Specifically the newly released “Submerged Garden” series is a stunning photographic meditation on an idealized oceanic paradise.

Bonfils employs pioneering underwater techniques to create large-scale photographs of dream-like rapture. Through her lens the reflected images of submerged floral sculptures morph into sacred geometric abstractions.

According to the artist: “The sensation when viewing this work is serene yet intriguing, as if one is diving, drifting and adventuring within a pristine ocean oasis.”

Andrea Bonfils is an award winning American contemporary painter, photographer and mixed media artist. She is represented by galleries in New Mexico, Connecticut and South Carolina, and is in corporate and private collections worldwide.


Andrea Bonfils