I am an artist, a sculptor not by choice but by destiny as each step in the path I follow ed guided me towards a life of creativity. The psychological impact of receiving considerable notoriety at a young age was such a defining force that there was little other choice but to become an artist.

When I was very young and naive I had the assumption that in order to be a truly creative artist one had to develop a technique and a style which had never been done before. I set forth with the ambition to deal primarily with non-subjective shapes and try to make something completely unrecognizable in this world into a thing of beauty, emotionally exciting and inspiring to others after I had first inspired myself. My art is the mirror I look into every day to see the reflection of my life and thoughts, feelings and aspirations, and I am not displeased with where life has allowed me to flow and what I have been able to create as forms of my interpretations of beauty and life itself. When I was a child growing up, my life was a truly wonderful experience. I had a mother who particularly loved me without distraction and a group of peers in a neighbourhood that evolved into a form of an abstract commune with nobody moving away for thirty years and close friends graduating into the highest levels of education in fields of chem istry, engineering, child psychology, education and technology. This w as my earliest influence and what has caused me to become who I am now in dealing with a unique and highly experimental level of sculpture. Still, 62 years after my first experimentation with wax and plasticine I am endlessly fascinated. With each new discovery in sculpture there is a renewed wonder for the limitless possibilities in the future, as if I had never even started. For artists the process of education never ends, there is no final day of graduation, no diploma, no placement in the firm – just a continual confrontation of problems which is driven by the pleasure extracted from the success of each new piece. I have in all likelihood become an alien on my own planet but the reward of seeing new forms and finishes of all sizes makes the journey well worth while.


Don Frost