Face 11

Face 11
Artist:Manzur Kargar
Description:Oil on Canvas

78.7" x 78.7"

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Manzur Kargar

Although born in Afghanistan, artist Manzur Kargar was raised in West Berlin. He studied Fine Art and Painting in Braunschweig at one of the most prestigious universities for painting in Germany. His early career focused on epic paintings from mythological times of gods and goddesses amongst the architecture and environments of antiquity. This body carried him to success until his obsessions took him elsewhere. Having thoroughly explored the ancient cultural paradigms he turned his eye towards the icons of today’s society. Inspired by the images we confront daily within the media and advertising, he began to compose new bold, sexy, and passionate paintings showcasing the new mythological creatures of today. Polished and striking women, yet vulnerable and wanting, float upon his canvas like movie actresses and models, surrounded by the decorations of our projected ideals. In the piece “Flowers” delicate lavender blooms, candy pink outlines, and geometric shapes place the female in a sea of perfection while hinting at our modern day blending of art with design. In the piece “Eyelashes” we see the lush black fringes beckoning from the canvas, placed on a pedestal giving this isolated body part its spotlight within a powerful context of what we desire.

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