Garden Party IV

Garden Party IV
Artist: Julliette Tehrani
Description: Ink on Paper

11" x 14"

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Julliette Tehrani

My artistic inspiration comes from my love of nature - a world of beauty waiting to be captured. I am entranced by the dazzling colors of flowers, the magnificence of the skies and clouds, and reflections on water. Reflective patterns of light on the colors and shapes in the simplest of scenes can be stunning. I constantly strive to capture those special scenes into my images. Color, combined with my love of design and the textual quality of paint - is why I paint. I just want to create beautiful and colorful images and share my passion with others. I am very free and expressive with my brushstrokes and composition. I never feel restricted to represent the scenes that inspire me, as I tend to interpret images to create my own personal vision. I use photography, observation and memory as my source material. My process tends to be intuitive. I paint in acrylics, inks and oils on canvas, aluminum and paper. I like to create mystery in my paintings, inviting the viewer to engage their own imaginations to explore the images. I love experimenting with new substrates, which allow paint to be moved around in ways not possible on more traditional surfaces. Magic is created when my intended outcomes develop into unplanned random surprises Admiring the French and American Impressionists, I discovered inspiration in Europe while I was still involved in my business career. This breakthrough came when I first painted in Monet’s gardens at Giverny. The splendor of those gardens and the beauty of the changing light made an unbelievable impression on me. This experience stirred me to become completely committed to painting. Visiting other sites where the Impressionists painted, I became entranced by the radiance, mood, atmosphere and stunning views of the Mediterranean. There I found a new home. I currently paint in studios at my homes in Stamford, Connecticut and on the French Riviera.

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