Icelandic Ponies

Icelandic Ponies
Artist:Maryam Ego-Aguirre
Description:Mixed Media, Acrylic, Resin, Diamond Dust, Pigment, Flowers

20" x 26" Inches

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Maryam Ego-Aguirre

ARTIST BIO:One of the most polarizing, and thought provoking photographers of our generation; Maryam Ego-aguirre is not your conventional artist. Her work is a voyage through time, space, and the study of raw human emotion. Nothing lasts forever, but with one glance at Maryam’s images, time is no longer a variable. Maryam Ego-aguirre’s work is boundless, without restraint, and limitless in its possibilities to transform its observer. Maryam opens a window into which people and nature merge seamlessly, without boundaries.A glimpse into the past with an imprint on the presentMaryam Ego-aguirre was born in New Haven, CT in 1975, to an Iranian Mother, and an Iraqi Father. Being the only child of immigrants she developed a taste for eclectic places and people at a very early age. She studied at The School of Visual Arts in NYC and received a BFA in 2002.Caught between two worlds has greatly influenced Maryam’s work; her Eastern heritage comes through in the exotic beauty of her photographs, and her vision is defined by surrealism. The surrealism in her work is like a thread that weaves itself through the tapestry of her work, it is an extension of who she is, and the inner battle she carries with her - nurture vs. nature. Maryam learned early on that life, and time has limits. From the moment she was old enough, she set out to explore the world, and find her own path. She challenged life….Through her travels she has learned to be present, keenly aware, and to absorb the energy of her surroundings. Maryam’s passion is embedded in her love for animals, nature and discovery; she delves into different cultures, people, and vistas with a voracious and never ending appetite, she is a study in introspection.Maryam’s imagery portrays the soul of its subject, not a moment frozen in time. At a glance she takes you on a journey into the depths of human emotion while evoking a sense of voyeurism. Through her photography she brings us not a moment caught in time, but an ongoing journey through the layers of life.

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