LV Skully

LV Skully
Artist:Chris Valle
Description:Oil on Canvas

40" x 45"

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Chris Valle

My paintings explore the influence of television and mass media on our culture. I appropriate images from Louis Vuitton advertising that I believe contribute to the construct of our false realties, focusing on issues of the body. As a whole, our culture is consumed by the way our bodies look, and it is the images on television and now, social media that we try to emulate. The images mass media presents become self-fulfilling prophecies, media thus shaping popular culture rather than merely reflecting it. From television and mass media we learn who we are, how we should dress, how we should act, what we should look like, what is sexy and what is not, who has power and who does not, what is of value and what is not, what is right and what is not. These advertisements that construct reality are far from real; they look very programmed, artificial, and at times clown-like. The manner in which I will paint the appropriated images affirm these characteristics. While I am partaking within this construct by using its visual language of images, I try to poke fun at in in very subtle ways. For instance, I will have the models head incomplete (not thinking—just conforming), and some of those mouths will be left unpainted alluding to their voicelessness in the construct of their reality.

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