Black and White

Black and White
Artist:Daniel Anderson
Description:Mixed Media

72" x 36" x 9"

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Daniel Anderson

Each unique work is an invitation to a very personal and intimate viewing experience with an esoteric, imaginative path hovering with abstraction. Anderson’s art embodies sensuality in pure, textured layers of medium through his highly laborious process. Emotionally and spiritually inspired by the energy of life is the artist’s common thread throughout his oeuvre. The canvas’s movements transition and evolve into a kinetic experience and narrative similar to that of life, order, chaos and zen.Anderson’s vision encompasses sculpturally complex forms that are simplified when completed. Intended is the “viewer as witness” to this energetic transition - an entrancing, interactive and sensational experience that can often be as calming as it is arresting and is muted as it is animated in its tactical reality. As an overall expression, they are quite minimalist, but up close, each subdivision is a compilation of complexly crafted forms…similar to that of an ocean, in which many small ‘water diamonds’ make up [what one sees as] one giant wave [of movement].The artist’s affinity for mixed media ultimately establishes abstract, dynamic forms as they relate to color and chiaroscuro in an individualized narrative unique to each viewer.

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