Artist: David Yarrow
Description: 315gsm Hahnemühle photo rag Baryta paper

Namibia – 2015

In the eyes of many – including mine, the Himba are Africa’s most aesthetically giving tribe. Some anthropologists believe that the tribe is actually a diaspora from what was Abyssinia – hence the facial structure which is markedly more Roman than Angolan tribes or Zulus. The Himba combine good looks with a welcoming disposition to foreigners and unlike in Ethiopia and Sudan, weapons are scarce and there is no sign of alcoholism or dope addiction. It is not hard to conceive why many filmmakers have a soft spot for them.

This was one little girl in the village who had star quality – looks, attitude and style. She was clearly the self appointed leader of the children and assumed the role with total confidence. One morning she just pinched my sunglasses from my head and wore them. It was a spontaneous moment in time and made for a cracking portrait of a little “Gangsta”. I am sure that she could walk onto a LA film set and not be the least bit self conscious.

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