Artist: David Yarrow
Description: 315gsm Hahnemühle photo rag Baryta paper

The DRC 2017

This high-energy image of probably the oldest gorilla left in the wild, Guhonda, has the wow factor because of him, not the photographer. All I did was secure the access, have the right lens and camera body, then get as low to the floor as I possibly could. Guhonda was moving on the incline therefore I had to be rooted to the forest floor to get my angles right. It was shot on Nikon’s newest prime lens – the 105m and is an endorsement of its optical supremacy. There is outrageous detail in Guhonda’s face – he is five years younger than me, but looks a good deal younger – that’s a healthy diet and an outdoor life for you.

There is not much light in a rainforest, the tree tops and dense foliage create a vast canopy. It was fortunate that in my brief 10 minutes with an active Guhonda, we were both in the relative open. As a result far more light was allowed into the camera, producing the definition and crispness of the image.

I have put my time in up this mountain and I suspect that this was my reward.

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