Isabella Garrucho: President and Founder of Isabella Garrucho Fine Art

Isabella Garrucho: President and Founder of Isabella Garrucho Fine Art

Isabella Garrucho has been a valuable member of the art industry for more than 30 years. Born in Cadiz, Spain, she studied art history at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and was the founder and president of the successful international art consulting company “Isabella Garrucho Fine Art”, (formerly Art Services International) Isabella has been connecting her clients to the pulse of the art market since 1988. She is best known for her artistic sensibility and her close attention to detail in making selections for client’s collections. From Modern Masters, contemporary art, to emerging artists, Isabella invests an equal amount of time and caliber of interest in her assessment and approach, consistently demonstrating her ability to predict future art trends and therefore maximizing her client’s returns on their investments.

Isabella a great believer of art as a means of cultural exchange, and has worked closely with, and received public recognition from Asian ministries of culture for her work on numerous art exchange programs.

Isabella Garrucho Fine Art was founded in 2006, in Westport, CT. In December of 2015, the gallery proudly expanded as one of the largest showrooms of contemporary art in Greenwich CT. to its new location at 40 West Putnam Ave.

The Art Of (TAO): How do you see that the art world has changed?

Isabella Garrucho (IG): The primary change that I see in the art world today is in the way that art is perceived by collectors; it’s seen more as a commodity, like the stock market, and less as an extraordinary human creation. My first experiences collecting art were always based on impulse, I remember looking at a beautiful Motherwell print from the Spanish Elegy series; I was completely inspired and blown away by its simplicity and beauty, I never thought of it as an investment. Today, much of the art that is purchased is based on the investment value of the work rather than its artistic integrity and beauty . Collectors have turned themselves into investors. They have a great deal of appreciation for the master works, but the bottom line lies in the financial returns.


TAO: What is particularly inspiring to you about an artist or their work?

IG: Inspiration comes when I look at a piece of art for the first time and it makes me do a double take, it takes my breath away. 20 years can go by and the artwork still have the same impact as the first time I looked at it. It’s all about the emotions we feel at that first glance.


TAO: How have you combined art and business?

IG: When you go into a corporation, and there is a whole building to assemble an art collection, it becomes a business. Over the span of my career I have assembled hundreds of collections for my corporate clients. Always taking into consideration that employees largely spend more time at work and their offices than they do at home, my first instinct has always been to consider the impact that the selection of art would have on their daily lives. The budgets given for the project, were not always sufficient to provide them with masterpieces, none the less I always ensured that the work placed would retain its value in time.


TAO: How can the everyday person find art for their everyday lives?

IG: First time collectors can find art by knowing what makes them happy. The same principal applies ; A piece of art that takes their breath away, or simply makes them feel something by looking at it, choosing art based on what they like,, regardless of the cost, this is the formula for providing a lifetime of enjoyment as well as a good return on their investment.


TAO: Tell me about your travels.

IG: I’ve traveled all over the world since I was a child, really. What stood out the most and actually astonished me was the realization of how similar we all are, and it was through art that I understood this. Art is in a different dimension. I think our minds just somehow connect unconsciously through it. Regardless of origins or techniques, what artists were saying has a binding thread of universality to it. The first time I went to Taiwan, I was amazed to see the similarities their contemporary art had with our Native American Art, and in all my travels, I found those types of similarities repeated all over and over.


TAO: What would you consider to be the art hub of the world?

IG: For many years the hub of the art world was Paris, but after the end of World War II, it became New York City, still mostly concentrated there today. In general, the United States as a whole anchors a strong place in the art world. In the last 75 years, we have experienced more contemporary art movements coming out of the United States than other place in the world. and American artists also making more noise at auctions. Artists such as Cindy Sherman , Jeff Koon’s, Christopher Wool, Jasper Johns, Ed Ruscha and Richard Prince are a few examples of living American artist that are setting records at auction.


TAO: What is your hope for the future of Isabella Garrucho Fine Art?

IG: First I have to reflect on the amazing and wonderful experience that art as a business has provided me with. I am so grateful for it. I love the art world; everything about it; my artists, the excitement at the auctions , the great feeling each time a client purchase a piece, being a part of bringing happiness into people’s daily lives, so much really. I am also very grateful and proud that my son Alex made the decision to join the family business, bringing with him a bright new world of information, technology and 21st century changes that are taking place in the art world. My hope is for us to continue to be a source of guidance as well as a catalyst for first time and seasoned collectors, to institutions and corporations, as well as for the artists that we represent, collaborating in the evolution and freedom of their entire process. Bringing great art and great people together, it’s what we do best.

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