Sergio Valenz – Stories

Sergio Valenz – Stories

The ART of (TAO): How did you find your passion for art?

Sergio Valenz (SV): Ever since was a child I was passionate about drawings and expressing myself through art so I never experienced a search because art was already a very important part of my life.


TAO: Where have you studied? What inspired you to study this?

SV: I chose a graphic design career to keep practicing my skills. Later I was seduced by advertising because my creative side needed to get out. I also became a graphic design teacher in a university. I like to discover and share a person’s ability to create and help them become professionals with a high ethical sense.


TAO: You have had over 90 individual and collective exhibitions. What draws people to your work?

SV: The universal language created through intense colors combined with simple drawings. It catches the eye while giving you a deep breath and bringing back simple memories everyday.


TAO: How do you picture your art to be displayed?

SV: I love people to be in touch with my pieces, so its fun to watch how they interact with them in public spaces.


TAO: What is the process behind engravings?

SV: First the design is the idea, then passed to the wood where the cut will be drawn out, highlighting necessary details. Later the wooden plate is inked and through a manual process of printing on special paper with lithographic ink. I generally make about 15 copies of each drawing.


TAO: How do you choose the colors in your pieces?

SV: Colors are an important part of my work, I choose intuitively, I am not random, I don’t like the color to be the center of attention of the work, but accompanying the drawings and making them stand out.


TAO: How do you feel art contributes to culture and society?

SV: Art is the way in which aesthetics and feelings come together to make life more beautiful, in some cases it becomes a means of complaint, but in my case I like that people identify with my work; they enjoy it and feel attracted to the color and shape. I’d like to think my work makes a better life.


TAO: How can the everyday person make art a part of their lives?

SV: I feel that art is a way of life. When you include art in your life, you live more harmoniously, enjoy more environments, you become part of it, and it helps you grow. It’s a nice form to have objects and things in your space to distract you and make your life better.


TAO: Where else in your life do you find the essence of art?

SV: First in my family, my immediate surroundings and stories of my people, and in my own stories.


TAO: How has your culture and experiences changed you and your art?

SV: I’m constantly growing. I like to stay up to date with art and read a lot about the contemporary art scene. I need to be in contact with art. Now I do art fairs in the U.S. and London, SOFA in Chicago, the Art Expo in New York, Art Fair in Palm Springs, and Wynwood, Miami. Contact with art gives you more oxygen to be an artist and live happily making art.

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