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In printmaking the edition (print number out of edition size e.g 1/52) is located on the bottom left just below the image/registration marks. Intaglio, woodcut, lithographic prints, etc. will often feature visible indents around the image from the pressure of the etched plate or wood being pressed into the paper. The title is listed next towards the middle of the page and the artist’s signature on the right. The date, sometimes just the year, is featured underneath the signature.

Photographs are not typically physically editioned in this manner. Physical prints may only specify the artist’s signature and the date it was produced and not its number in the edition. These are often located on the back of the print (so as not to obstruct the image) in pencil. Prints produced in the darkroom may include additional information on the back, a combination of letters, numbers, and times. These would reference development times and ratios and serve the purpose of helping the artist catalogue and keep track of contact prints and differentiate between prints exposed or developed at different times and dates.

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